writer, performer; this is a manic record of what inspires me.


Haven’t paid my bills this month, and I’m loading the comments on an Instagram of Lena Dunham’s dog.

How much debt do I…have? Can one have debt?

Lamby is the name of Lena Dunham’s dog.

I am about to be reported to a debt collector for ignoring my federal student loans for over a year.

I have a deferment form filled out (for those loans).  I have my measly pay stub attached to the deferment form.  But I don’t know where I put my stamps, and I just overdrew my checking account again.

"When you’re hungry, you’ll figure it out."

"Like…physically hungry?  Or hungry for the job?"

There are 120 comments on this photo of Lena Dunham’s dog that was posted 48 minutes ago.

Sometimes, on Instagram, it will a say a photo was posted 60 minutes ago rather than one hour ago.

Algorithms lag behind.

Is it algorithms or coding? Or both?

I closed my credit card, and lowered my APR for the next nine months.  But the $41 that I just paid overdrew my checking account.

No one in their right mind would give me a credit card!  But I keep getting them in the mail.

Lena Dunham just instagrammed another selfie.  Not sure if she’s aware that we all just press like without even looking at the photo.   Or, rather, if she even cares that we all just press like without looking at the photo.

Ugh I just want to delete all of my social media accounts but HOW WILL I BE A RESPECTED ARTIST IF I’M NOT REACHING OUT TO THE GREATER COMMUNITY/WORLD?  Does anyone even see me reaching?  It’s really hard to tell sometimes.

I’m just hugging air.

I spent $30 on beet flavored cocktails this weekend.  I’m on anti depressants, but alcohol is a depressant, so after I drank all those beet cocktails, I started to cry.  I got very sad.  I hadn’t cried in a week though so it felt good.

"Are you interested in dating?"



"Because I’m not interested in anyone."


I cry in frustration.

I have a lot to offer,

but right now, I’m barely making it.

But I’m alive,

and that feels


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